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Apply Your Skills For A Great Volunteer Cause

"I don't have anything unique to offer by volunteering."

Bridges Outreach is a unique company where you can go even further beyond with your volunteering. Your compounded volunteering goes beyond donating your time to feed someone: you are empowering a population who desperately needs your assistance. 

We tap into your expertise and knowledge, no matter your skill level, because its all about giving back what you can, in anyway shape or form.

Make A Scaled Impact

Use your expansive knowledge of your hometown to help our Street Outreach team find the hot spots in Essex and Union County where homeless individuals are in dire need of help.

Use your cosmetic skills to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience at our yearly Prudential Service Fairs.

Use your bilingual tongue to help Bridge the gap for our clients and our incredible Case Management services.

Our volunteers aren't just here to help reduce the crisis of homelessness - they're here to solve it.

Can't make a one-time donation? Considering signing up to be a volunteer, where you can make a direct impact through assisting case management, skill-building, empowerment, and more. 

Want to donate your services in another way? Consider connecting with us on to LinkedIn to assist with our Fundraising, Development, Communications, Administrative Services, and more! We are always appreciate and welcome to additional assistance. 

Can't donate or volunteer, but want to still be connected with our mission to end and solve homelessness in Essex and Union County? Sign-up for our email list today!

Join Our 35 Year Mission to End and Solve Homelessness.

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