Run Procedures and Safety Tips

Preparing for the run

  • Participants must be in High School or older
  • Student to Chaperone ratio is 1:5
  • The Ideal number of volunteers for NYC= 10; Newark= 15; Irvington= 8
  • Dress appropriately for weather
  • Exchange cell phone numbers with the Run coordinator and all drivers before the run.
  • Print directions for the run from our website:
  • The Run Coordinator is responsible for the run

On the Run

  • Stay with your group
  • Stay in pairs
  • Stay in sight of an adult from your group or a Bridges Run Coordinator
  • Notify the Run Coordinator if you become uncomfortable
  • Notify the Run coordinator if you cannot fulfill a request
  • Follow all instructions of the Run Coordinator
  • Defer to the Run Coordinator immediately if you have a problem or concern
  • Note: there are no bathroom facilities on the street
  • Make conversations with people you meet on the run
  • Be respectful

Safety Tips

  • Don’t give money to anyone
  • Don’t go with anyone for any reason
  • Don’t wander away from the group
  • Don’t take photographs
  • Don’t leave the common areas in a shelter
  • Don’t accompany a child to a bathroom or out of common areas