Bridges Continues to Serve During Coronavirus

Bridges is on the streets continuing to serve people experiencing homelessness — those who have nowhere to go to self-isolate, and have increased risk to contract and spread COVID-19. It’s important we work together to serve the susceptible and halt the spread of this virus.

What Bridges Is Doing

  1. Protecting our teams – gloves and masks for those in direct contact with clients
  2. Increased outreach – Bridges is now doing outreach 7 days a week in Newark, checking on people experiencing homelessness who are living on the streets, or in shelters.
  3. Continuing our Runs – we continue our Runs to Newark and Irvington (Staff Only). We are working with the City of Newark Health Department and their street outreach seven days a week to ensure all unsheltered residents are connected with, sheltered, and directed to services. We hope to be able to return to Manhattan very soon.
  4. Continuing to serve our neighbors in need each Friday at our Summit office.
  5. Partnering with the Department of Health & Community Wellness, as well as Newark’s Commission on Homelessness, in planning and preparedness.

With a 100% drop in volunteers (which is the right thing to do!) we have almost no incoming supplies of lunches and toiletry kits.  We remain committed to helping these extremely susceptible neighbors. We’re getting creative with our food supply – we are partnering with local vendors where we are able- and we’ll keep that up as long as it takes.

Please help us fund this effort.

How you can help the most vulnerable in our community

  1. Make a financial donation to Bridges today. A recurring monthly gift will have the most impact.
  2. Purchase an item from our Amazon Wish list. If an item is not available due to demand, please email to purchase through Bridges.
  3. Donate Toiletries, Fresh or Shelf Stable Lunches and Clothing. Curb-side donation drop-off is available at our Summit office on Monday through Thursday from 9:00am – 2:00pm. Please call ahead at 908-273-0176.

We have no plans to cease operations. This is when we are needed most.
Please keep checking back with us as needs change and the situation progresses.

Thank you for your continued support!