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Make Your Community Better

"I need to worry about my own quality of life before worrying about my community's." 

Bridges volunteers don't just get to help our clients get connected with the right resources - it connects our community together too. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and from all different parts of your community. 

Whether you're mingling with your fellow parents, colleagues, business owners and more, the volunteer experience at Bridges builds community bonds through a joint mission. No matter where you come from or how long you've lived in Essex and/or Union County, there's always something new to learn and share at a Bridges volunteer event. 

We don't just see volunteering helping to combat homelessness - we see it as a way to strengthen the entire New Jersey network. 

Just One Hour Can Change Your Neighborhood Forever

See for yourself the community members we bring together, no matter their ties to Essex and Union County.

Volunteer opportunities include: 

Outreach Runs are held every weekend and great for teens and adults to interacting directly with Bridges’ beneficiaries. 

Soup Warming takes place in our Summit kitchen on Saturday and Sunday mornings immediately before a run. 

Host a Packing Event to put together hygiene kits, cold weather packs, or brown bag lunches. 

Organize A Drive for clothing, hygiene products, cold weather supplies, lunch items, and bottled water.​

Can't make a one-time donation? Considering signing up to be a volunteer, where you can make a direct impact through assisting case management, skill-building, empowerment, and more. 

Can't volunteer, but want to offer your services in another way? Consider connecting with us on to LinkedIn to assist with our Fundraising, Development, Communications, Administrative Services, and more! We are always appreciate and welcome to additional assistance. 

Can't donate or volunteer, but want to still be connected with our mission to end and solve homelessness in Essex and Union County? Sign-up for our email list today!

Join Our 35 Year Mission to End and Solve Homelessness.

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