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Make Yourself Feel Better, Too

Make Yourself
Feel Good About The Work You Do

"I need to worry about myself before I can worry about a stranger."

The donations won't just make our clients feel happy - it'll make you feel happy too.

Research shows that giving money or a gift to another person makes you feel better than a gift for yourself. 

You're already doing something incredibly selfless and noble in donating just $25 to our organization.

Have the next gift you give be something that enriches you as a giver. 

Can't make a one-time donation? Considering signing up to be a volunteer, where you can make a direct impact through assisting case management, skill-building, empowerment, and more. 

Want to donate your services in another way? Consider connecting with us on to LinkedIn to assist with our Fundraising, Development, Communications, Administrative Services, and more! We are always appreciate and welcome to additional assistance. 

Can't donate or volunteer, but want to still be connected with our mission to end and solve homelessness in Essex and Union County? Sign-up for our email list today!

Join Our 35 Year Mission to End and Solve Homelessness.

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