September 21st – September 26th, 2020
Virtual Fitness on your Home Turf at Anytime!

What is BridgeFIT?

Instead of our annual Bridges 5K, this fundraising event asks you to choose a fitness activity, Register, and get moving with your activity anytime from September 21st to 26th. We still have an important fundraising goal to reach this year towards our work to end homelessness!

  • $30 Registration fee comes with an event t-shirt
  • If you can, ask friends and family to donate on your personal page. 
  • If you can’t participate, Donate! 
  • Bridges will provide tips and resources along the way, and some swag, too!
  • *New this year, is a link from your fundraising page to your Facebook page for easier fundraising!

Activity & Tip Library

Fitness Activities

– Do your own 5K any day by following the Bridges 5K Walk & Run route through downtown Summit. Click here to view the popular route map that past participants have always enjoyed.

– BridgeFIT Sponsor Katye Kane Stanzak of Project Physique has created a great low impact full body workout just for our participants. Follow this link to access this workout video any day this week!

Lauryn Shapiro of ILuvFitness
BridgeFIT Sponsor and Personal Trainer, Lauryn Shapiro, shares a great Beginner Barre video with our registrants. Here’s your chance to try a Barre class from home!
Beginner Barre Workout Link

– Need another 5K route to help close out BridgeFIT week? Check out Kent Place School’s 5K route here!

Journal Prompts

Journaling improves mental health as you explore gratitude, care of others and healthy living.  Connect with a friend: share a specific time to arrive and hold each other accountable to writing. Sharing is by choice. 

Questions of the Day:

  • What is your life’s mission? How is it going? What remains to be done? OR When you think about your future, what do you hope for the most?
  • What words do you need to hear write now?  OR  Write a letter to someone close to you whom you’ve been meaning to write to.
  • When in your life did you really kick off your shoes and totally let go? OR Describe a day in your life that was especially enjoyable. What made the day so good?
  • What is an unexpected thing that happened to you that you are now happy about?  OR What is one childhood memory that has been formative for your perception of yourself? 
  • If you had a theme song, what would it be? What am I most proud of about myself?

Tip of the Day

  • Monday 9/21/20:
    What you eat matters when exercising. Consider your lean proteins, and understand how amino acids impact your muscles. Read more​.
  • Tuesday 9/22/20:
    Drink water. Eat fruits and vegetables. Hydrating keeps your muscles flexible.  Read more here.
  • Wednesday 9/23/20:
    Modern life has become increasingly complicated and it’s believed that stress is the primary obstacle to laughter. Laughter is a physical expression of humor and joy that has numerous protective qualities. It’s one of the best ways to manage perceptions of stress and to develop resilience and improve psychological sturdiness as it strongly correlates with happiness. Read more here.
  • Thursday 9/24/20:
    Become a Volunteer:  Volunteering is rich and diverse. Volunteering is not just about organizing hundreds of volunteers for large events. It is thousands of volunteers in minor league sports, shelters for the homeless, giving aid to seniors, holding hands in a hospice or cleaning up a local stream bed…These large and small acts, given freely, are what bind communities together. Volunteering is helping, not hiring; giving, not taking; contributing, not counting. Read more here.
  • Friday 9/25/20:
    Plan your meals and get healthy! Read more about 25 healthy tips.


Project Physique Green Juice Recipe
2 cups spinach
1 apple
1 lemon, juiced
1 tbsp ginger
1/2 a cucumber
1 tsp cayenne pepper
6 cups cold water

– Chop all ingredients
– Add to Vita-mix or blender and blend until smooth.
– Strain through a fine sieve or cheese cloth.
– Serve over ice & enjoy!

Cinnamon Oat Milk
1 cup Rolled Oats
4 cups Water
1 tbsp Honey
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 Date

– Combine ingredients in a blender or VitaMix. Blend until smooth.
– Strain ingredients using a strainer, coffee filter or straining bag.
– Place in jar & refrigerate for up to 6 days.

Breathing Exercises

Corey Loftus of HOM has shared some breathing technique with our participants. Click below for the video instruction!
Alternate Nostril Breathing

Corey Loftus has given us another great breathing video to help with anxiety and trouble with sleeping.
Bee Breath Video Link