Will your group take the challenge?

We are very grateful for your participation in Bridges Runs. We know that you spend many hours coordinating the details of the Run, organizing volunteers and making lunches and donating supplies, but many of you have asked what more you can do to help. Will you consider taking your commitment to help people in need a step further?


We are challenging all of our Run groups to join our $1,000 Challenge. Bridges conducts more than 220 Runs each year and every Run costs approximately $1,000. Under the direction of our staff, new socks, underwear, seasonal goods, soup and hot chocolate or lemonade are purchased and loaded into our iconic yellow truck and van, and then delivered to our friends on the street.


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Taking the Challenge is a great way for your organization to contribute even more to Bridges and our homeless neighbors. How you raise the funds is up to you. Be creative (but we’ve included a list of ideas to get you started). A folder is enclosed with all the program materials, and we can provide additional supplies of anything you might need.


The kickoff for the Challenge is Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, January 16, 2017, and it will end March 31, 2017. The Challenge donation page can be found at: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/bridgeschallenge. You may also mail checks to Bridges Outreach, P.O. Box 1444, Summit, NJ 07902.


At our annual meeting in June, we will honor the three groups that raised the most funds, the most creative fundraising idea and the group that had the largest number of participants (so keep track). Take photos, and we will post them on our website, Facebook and Instagram.


FACTS about Bridges … to get you motivated!