Volunteer Spotlight

This month’s Spotlight volunteer is Ben Hutkin, 12, from Highland Park Middle School. Ben has been doing a long term Sustainable lunch and Toiletry Kit making project for Bridges since September. Ben started by asking family, friends and corporations if they want to help by donating money or making Sustainable Lunches/Toiletry Kits. Recently, Ben’s family had a yard sale to help raise money for his project. So far, he has raised $1,025 in donations and has made 240 lunches and 100 toiletry kits.


When asked what gave him the idea to do this project Ben said, “As part of preparing to become a Bar Mitzvah, I wanted to do a Mitzvah Project.  A mitzvah is when you do something good to help others.  I wanted to do community service.  I am too young to help at soup kitchens and I saw the program that Bridges runs with providing bagged lunches and toiletry kits to the homeless and I thought, ‘Wow, these people could really use my help!’ ”


Ben’s goal is to make 500 lunches and toiletry kits by his Bar Mitzvah. He has had to structure this project in his everyday life and tries to find the time necessary to “ask for donations, go shopping to buy the lunch items, and find a day when my friends can help pack the lunches.”


We applaud the work of Ben and his family and friends. If you would like to help make sustainable lunches, toiletry kits or collect other necessities for Bridges Outreach please contact Director of Outreach, Patrick Davis. (volunteerbridges@gmail.com)