Make Lunches

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Bridges delivers 65,000 brown bag lunches every year. This is a great opportunity to have a lunch-making party with your family, neighbors, colleagues or service organization. It’s fun, energizing, builds spirit and camaraderie among friends and is meaningful, enlightening and rewarding.


Prepare and deliver to Bridges any number of lunches for delivery on Friday (for Saturday and Sunday delivery, please contact us first.)


You can either provide fresh brown bag lunches or sustainable brown bag lunches.  Sustainable lunches have a longer shelf life. They also give you the flexibility of making the lunches at your convenience and delivering them on any regular donation day. They give us the ability to supplement fresh lunches when we are in need.


Contents of a sustainable brown bag lunch


  • Sustainable Main Item  – available from Bridges for $1 per item (chicken or tuna salad with crackers)
  • Fruit cup or unsweetened applesauce with spoon
  • Nuts, trailmix, goldfish or pretzels
  • Nutri-grain-type fruit & cereal bar
  • Drink: Water (6 or 8 oz. bottle)


Please contact our Director of Operations to arrange purchase of the Sustainable Main Item.


Contents of a fresh brown bag lunch


  • Sandwich: preferably made with 100% white, whole wheat or soft, whole wheat with low sodium deli meat.  Please, no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Please do not put mayo, mustard, lettuce or tomato on the sandwich.  If possible, include mayo or mustard packets in the bag.
  • Fruit: grapes, clementines, bananas, pears or other soft fruit
  • Dairy Item: mozzarella, cheddar or other cheese stick, 4 or 6 oz yogurt with spoon or 2 squeezable yogurts
  • Chewy granola bar (reduced sugar if possible) or Nutrigrain-type fruit & cereal bar
  • Drink: Water (6 or 8 oz. bottle)


Guidelines for making fresh brown bag lunches


  • Please do NOT put sandwiches in the brown bag lunches – Keep separate.
  • Keep sandwiches refrigerated until delivery. 
  • Wash hands and use surgical gloves.
  • Approximately one pound of meat makes six to eight sandwiches.
  • Note that loaves of bread vary in size; count the slices!
  • Call a grocery store a day or two ahead to order sliced meat.
  • Warehouse stores are a good place to buy meat, fruit, drinks, and treats.
  • Include mayo and mustard packets, if possible.
  • Meat only (no condiments, lettuce or tomatoes)
  • Wrap sandwiches in zip lock bags.
  • Many of our friends have dental problems; please purchase soft fruit (no apples, please.)
  • Although not as healthy, fruit cups are an alternative to fresh fruit – please remember spoons and napkins.