The Board and Staff

Independent voting members 2016-2017


Board Chair
Pam Gumport
Coleen McCaffery
Kathy McHale
Board of Trustees
Veronica Bonnet
Alison V. Bryant
Coni Frezzo
Stephen Fromm
Brian Ginsburg
Malcolm Mead
Jennifer Rooney
Seth Ruderman
Marie Santos
Joshua Schor
Stephen Woitsky
Jennifer Velez
Geoff Worden

Non-voting members:



Emeritus Trustees
Janice Beckmen
Amanda Parrish Block
Laura Zinn Fromm
Judy Newhouse
Kathryn Radutzky
Sarah Rosen
Susan Tully
Prez Tyus
Ginger Worden


Jon Maslin, Counsel to the Executive Board



Lois Bhatt, Executive Director
Beth Tulloch, Deputy Executive Director
Patrick Davis, Director of Operations and Volunteers
Antoine Perry, Outreach Coordinator
Dave Dawson, Outreach Coordinator
Bilal Abdul-Hakeem, Outreach Coordinator
Project Connect at St. John’s
Sakinah Hoyte, MPA, Director
Emerson Silva, , LSW, Intensive Case Manager
Madison Ricks, MSW, Case Manager
Caitrin Kiley, Program Associate
Lisa Fitzsimons, Webmaster


Board Meeting Minutes

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March 2016

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